Windycon Parties

Every year starting in 2005, Chicago SF has hosted a party at Windycon, held on the Saturday night of the convention.

Our first party, in 2005, was Firefly/Serenity themed and titled "Inara's Shuttle." It was organized mainly by Pam Callaway and Lori Reeder. We decorated it with Chinese lanterns and served a tasty punch that Lori mixed up called "Leaky Brainpan." We served Chinese candy and various other snacks. Many members dressed up as characters from the show.

Our second party, in 2006, was Doctor Who themed. The primary organizers were Pam Callaway and Nina Marie. We constructed a TARDIS console in the party room, and made a TARDIS door outside the room to create the illusion of being inside the TARDIS. We served "Sonic Screwdrivers," "Dalek fuel," and jell-o shots. We also showed some Doctor Who episodes during the party.

In 2007 our party was Battlestar Galactica themed. It was organized by Jynell Greenfield with Rob Han and Jason M. Robertson assisting. The decorations included a papier mache Cylon raider.

Our 2008 party was Buffy themed as "Spike's Crypt." It was organized by Karen Benson with assistance from Lori Reeder, Leane Verhulst and Laura Dombrowski. We decked the party room out with lots of spooky decorations. Our drinks were "Vampire Blood" and "Slayer Blood." We won awards for "Best Overall Party" and "Best Non-Military Decorations." (The theme of Windycon 2008 was military SF.)

Our 2009 party was titled "Shell Beach," based on the film "Dark City." Lori Reeder was the lead organizer for this party. The decorations included a "Welcome to Shell Beach" banner, and brick wall coverings, and spirals. Our drinks included "Mind Eraser," "Teenage Rebellion," and "A Happy Childhood," as well as jell-o shots. We also won the award for Best Party this year.

The theme for the 2010 party was "Real Genius", based on the Val Kilmer film of the same name. It was organized by Rich Riley, with assistance from Matthew Duhan, Katherine Finegan, Joe Cursio, and a host of others. We had a scale replica of the professor's house with popcorn spilling out of it and a glowing "Tanning Invitational" sign, among other decorations. Our drinks were the "Moral Imperative" and a jell-o shot based "drink." We won the awards for Best Overall Party, Best Drink, and Best Oooh Shiny Decorations.

The theme for the 2011 party was "The Fifth Element", based on the 1997 Bruce Willis film. It was organized by Anne Geyer with great assistance from Matt Duhan, Rich Riley, Kathy Lehman, Joe Cursio, Bob Granstaff, and many others. Decorations included battery-lit replicas of the elemental "stones" at each corner of the room and a long window poster showing a planet from space, making the party room appear to be taking place on a space ship. The drinks were the "Big Badda-Boom," a rum-based shot aptly named "Ultimate Evil," and blue and orange jello shots ("Diva blood" and "Leeloo Dallas orange jello shot"). We swept the awards, winning Best Drink, Best Decorations, Best Oooh Shiny, and Best Overall Party.

The theme for the 2012 party was "Fangtasia", based on the HBO series True Blood. It was organized by Emily Knowles and Karen Benson, with assistance from Matthew Duhan, Bob Granstaff, Rich Jarrow, Marinda Darnell, and a host of others. We designed the room to look like the club Fangtasia from the series, including the Sheriff's throne, stripper pole, and neon sign. Our drinks were the "A-Positive", "B-Positive", and non-alcoholic "O-Negative.". We won the awards for Best Food and Best Decorations.