Here are the elected members of the Chicago SF 2012 Council. You can contact the Council at

Marinda DarnellMarinda Darnell has been a member since February 2010. She is a computer geek, game designer, graphical artist, and has a deep love of books. Marinda is very active in the convention community, and attends many throughout the year. She is known as Marindad on the forums.

Matthew DuhanMatthew Duhan has been a member of the group since January 2009. A Development Manager by day, Matthew enjoys science fiction, board games, anime, MST3K, and cooking. He's pretty much of an overall geek. He attends several science fiction and anime conventions throughout the year. He is fringe on the forums.

Anne GeyerAnne Geyer has been a member since April 2009. She is a history nerd, an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, and alternative history, and is very active in the reading group. She is also an admitted genre TV addict, especially when it has English accents and cheesy special effects. She is Saffi-Anne on the forums, a name she got after that incident with the Swede years ago that she wishes everyone would forget about.

Bob GranstaffBob Granstaff is a member since December of 2007. Bob can be identified by the dancing skills he is known to display at conventions. He is a longtime participant in Star Trek fandom. He is known as DANCING BOB on the forum.

Richard JarrowRichard Jarrow has been with the group since early 2005, and was glad to find it after being a long time science fiction fan and computer geek. Rich will be taking over money collection duties at the monthly socials, plus with whatever else. Along with his long time IT work, Rich is co-owner of DoubleCluepon, which will be producing the game Emerald Kingdom, a new kind of MMORPG/persistent world. He is known as FractalSphere on the forums.