Code of Conduct



Our goal is to allow the participation of as many people as possible at our events. These rules ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to enjoy themselves when participating in an event sponsored by the Chicago Speculative Fiction Community.

1) This organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical ability. Behave respectfully towards everyone.

2) Do not bully, intimidate, threaten, harass, sexually harass, abuse or otherwise intrude on the basic rights of your fellow guests to enjoy themselves.

3) Remember that while we encourage the posting of event pictures, there are some people who do not wish to be published online. Attempting to photograph someone who has requested they not be photographed, or failure to take down a posted picture upon request, constitutes harassment/abuse under these guidelines.

4) Respect the meeting venue, and do not disturb its other guests. Businesses and individuals may have additional rules, and may choose to enforce their rules in their location at their sole discretion. Please be aware of those rules.

5) Pay for any food, drink, or other products or services you have ordered at the host venue. Do not otherwise disrupt the event, venue, or the group's internet presence.

6) These expectations apply equally to behavior in physical and electronic domains.

The Council will enforce these rules in a manner proportional to the offense, with the intention to preserve a safe and welcoming environment.


Where possible and appropriate, try to resolve your problems by bringing your concerns to the attention of the offending party. If that does not work, or you do not feel secure in doing so, please bring the situation to our attention.

In the event that our conduct expectations are not met by an individual or individuals, the Council will employ one or more of the remedies below.

1) Discussion: In cases where the offense is not grave and has not recurred regularly, the Council will attempt to resolve the issue by bringing it to the attention of the offending party and explaining how they can do better.

2) Verbal warning: If the situation is of greater concern, or the offender persists in transgressing our conduct expectations, a verbal warning may be given outlining the behavioral correction(s) required to avoid more severe consequences.

3) Temporary revocation of attendance and participation privileges: For circumstances graver than those addressed by the above remedies, or where the above remedies have failed, the Council can revoke the privilege of an individual or individuals to attend events sponsored by Chicago SF, or to participate in our associated internet forums. The banning details are at the Council's discretion based on the severity of the problem.

4) Mediated discussion: In some cases, with the consent of the aggrieved, the Council may wish to facilitate a discussion between an offending and an aggrieved party to help find a remedy.

5) Permanent revocation of attendance and participation privileges: For extremely grave or intractably repetitive offenses against our conduct expectations, the Council reserves the right to ban an individual or individuals permanently from our sponsored events and internet forums.

6) Legal recourse: For circumstances of extraordinary gravity the Council may advise an aggrieved party and/or assist such party with bringing an issue to the attention of law enforcement and legal remedy.

None of these rules are intended to preclude sincere conversation between consenting adults. If you see someone violate these rules, please let us know in person, or via our email contact:

Any remedy that restricts the participation of an individual is one which we are unhappy to implement, but will do so to preserve the ability of others to participate. Where it is possible without substantial risk of harm to the interests of others, we will explore the mildest options first. We are also committed to free discussion and open engagement of issues, including member opinions on our own choices under this code.